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I look at my kids and see so much potential.  I see so many things they are capable of doing.  I blogged a while back about the list of things my almost-to-middle-school daughter wanted to do when she grew up including be a dentist, teacher, beautician, and the first woman to fly to Mars, among others.  As my son heads to high school next year, we’ve talked about a lot of different options, but I’m fairly certain he’ll end up somewhere in construction, whether that is as a business owner or working with his dad only time will tell.  Either way, they are very capable kids who are quickly growing into fantastic young adults.

As a full grown adult (I made it to 40 last year!), it causes me to pause for a minute and remember those milestones of my own in what seems like forever ago now.  What did I want?  What did I think I would do?  What did I enjoy?  …And then I realize that I missed a lot of the things I wanted to do–at least on the time frame I wanted to do them.  I’m not saying you will do the things you wanted to do when you were 10-years-old, but that’s almost what I’ve done.  I have always enjoyed painting and artistic endeavors.  Now I’ve made that my business…and I love doing it.

So even though I took a few detours and maybe went the long way to get here, I’m here.  As we wrap up the school year, and some are graduating, use this as a reminder to do those things you love along the way.  Don’t limit yourself, and don’t be too hard on yourself if you take the long way around.  It’s your journey.  No two paths look exactly the same.  What fun would that be?

What can I paint for you?

Make it a beautiful day, friends.

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