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Uppercase INK! Your Walls

This vinyl expression is a solid piece done in Uppercase INK!  I can’t take credit for the words at all.  They are the key highlights from the book The Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews.  It’s a top 10 favorite of mine.  I hung this expression across from my desk, so everytime I look up, I see it and am reminded of the wisdom found in the pages of the story.

Uppercase INK is different from traditional vinyl expressions in that it is printed ON white vinyl, as opposed to being cut out of solid colored vinyl.  It’s a fun way to get really creative with your expressions!  You can play with INK in the MyDesign Suite in my vinyl expressions portal, or you can design your own expression in traditional vinyl.  Either way, have fun!

Jens WallsTalk Uppercase INK

Are you ready for some INK on your walls?  Visit my vinyl expression portal here.  If you need help with the design, fill out the form below.

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