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I can only take it so long.  I like sports.  I like watching my kids play sports.  I even enjoy participating, but I can only take so much football…and then I have to walk away.

Today was Super Bowl 51.  I watched for a while, but then I had to get up and do something else.  I’m not sure why I get bored, but maybe I just heard something else calling.  It’s been calling for a while…a blank canvas.  It’s been sitting in my office next to my desk, but since I’ve been rebuilding my website, I haven’t had free time to paint for fun.  Work first, then play.  Right?  Yes…and no.  It is important to get work done before I go play, but there also comes a point when I need to take a little break and play for a bit.  I read an article a while back about a designer that works for 5 years, then takes a year off to travel, relax and recharge.  What a strange concept, except that my church does it, too, for staff members.  Work 7 years, then take a 3 month sabatical.  Pretty spiffy idea, I’d say.

What do you need to walk away from for a bit?  What recharges your batteries?  The painting to the right is what came out of my fun painting session today.  It’s not done, but I’m liking the progress.

Make it a beautiful day, friends.

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