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Hand Painted Shield of Faith

This piece is a part of the Tower Mountain room in the E-Free student center.  It’s one of the classrooms for the younger children (ages Kindergarten-2nd grade).  The over arching theme is a knight/castle tower idea, utilizing the full armor of God described in Ephesians 6.  The shield and the design on the shield is painted to look like a roman shield (called a “scutum”).  The “faith” on the shield was created using my custom, traditional vinyl (available here).

To better understand the difference between traditional vinyl and Uppercase INK, go here.

Jen's Walls Talk shield of faith

Shield of Faith hand painted by Jennille

I really enjoyed this project.  The shield has some faux painting on it to give it a leathery type of look, which is what a traditional scutum was covered in.  Jen’s Walls Talk.  Do yours?  What can I paint for you?  Fill out the form below to schedule a consultation.

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