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Jen’s Walls Talk is your premier source for a vinyl expression consult in Canon City, Colorado.

Serving Fremont County and surrounding areas.

WHY do a vinyl consultation?

Vinyl expressions are a simple way to customize your home or office without a big investment of time and energy, and without the commitment of paint on the walls.  Over 50 colors and fonts to choose from.

WHERE can I apply vinyl expressions?

Vinyl expressions can be applied to almost any surface in your home or office.  Walls, tile, mirror, glass, even wood if it’s not too rough.  It can be applied to outdoor surfaces, as well, such as a mailbox, or door.

WHEN can I do a vinyl consultation?

All consults are by appointment only.  Please allow 10-14 days for manufacturing time with all vinyl orders.  Each order is custom made, so you get the freshest adhesive and vinyl product.

HOW MUCH is a vinyl consultation?

Price varies with the location and type of job you are seeking help with.  Vinyl varies in price due to size and type of vinyl used.  You will be given a total amount due before anything is ordered.

What to Expect


*One-on-one time with the consultant in your home or office

*After your consult, I’ll provide you with a written plan for your vinyl designs including cost of materials and installation fees (if you opt for me to install them for you).

*I’ll also include color samples of the actual vinyl used, so you can make sure it matches with your color scheme.

This option can also be included in a color consult.  If you would just like to order vinyl expressions, you can go directly to my vinyl expressions portal.  There are over 50 colors & fonts to choose from, as well as 100’s of pre-designed vinyl expressions.


*I’ll provide you with a written plan for your vinyl designs including cost of materials and installation fees (with the option for for me to install them for you).

*I’ll provide a written plan for expression layout in your home or office.


Parts, pieces, & services that make Jen’s Walls Talk work
Custom Woodwork Designs

Custom Woodwork Designs

Furniture & Carpentry

These guys are rock star carpenters.  They don’t work for me, but are great to work with and definitely my “go to” people when it comes to any furniture needs.

Jennille Spellman

Jennille Spellman

Owner, Jen's Walls Talk

Uppercase Living vinyl

Uppercase Living vinyl

Vinyl Lettering & Expressions

You may already have great colors on your walls, but you want to jazz it up a bit.  This is where you can find all my vinyl lettering and expressions.

TESTIMONIALS–coming soon!

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Coming soon!
coming soon!
coming soon!

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