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I have scars.  They are from various things.  I have a scar on my leg from doing the rope climb at the gym several months ago.  I have extra spider veins on my legs from sparring and colliding with what would seem to be a tree, but was, in reality, a really hard shin.  I’m sure my body has scars from growing children in my womb.  Some scars show.  Others don’t…but we all have them.  The question is, do we hide them, or do we embrace them?

As for my rope burn scar, I’m actually kind of proud of it.  Yes, it hurt a bit when I got it, but I’m also really excited that I can still do it!  I conquered the rope climb about 2 years ago.  I was 38-years-old.  Before that, I had never been able to get more than 2 feet off the ground, so, yes, I’m proud of that scar.  The sparring scars I don’t really notice anymore.  They are there.  Most people don’t know what they’re from.  And I don’t plan on explaining them.  I don’t need to.  They’re part of my story.  Those scars from having babies? I’m glad I have them, too.  It means I have my babies.  (I know they’re not babies anymore at 14 and 12, but they will always be my babies.)

Know who else has scars?  Jesus.  He has scars on his hands and scars on his feet and a big one in his side.  Because of me.  And you.  And he doesn’t hide them.  He came back from the dead.  I’m fairly certain he could have grown some new skin over those scars, if he had wanted to.  He chose not to.  Those scars are part of his story.  They are the whole reason he came to earth…so you and I don’t have to go to Hell.  That’s what today is all about.  Have a beautiful Easter.

Embrace your scars.  They are part of who you are.  They are part of your story.  Don’t hide them.

Make it a beautiful day, friends.

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