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  I have scars.  They are from various things.  I have a scar on my leg from doing the rope climb at the gym several months ago.  I have extra spider veins on my legs from sparring and colliding with what would seem to be a tree, but was, in reality, a really...

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Sample Boards & Sketches

Do you ever watch Chip & Jojo?  They are favorites at our house. (That's "Fixer Upper" on HGTV for those of you that don't know them yet.) I like to think we channel our inner Chip & Joanna Gaines when we work on projects together, my hubby and me.  If you are...

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Paint Done Well

Who do I work for?  Simply put, you.  I get to come into your space, whether home or office, and help create a customized environment.  That's a privilege I enjoy as one who does color consulting and specialty painting. What type of homes do I create specialty paint...

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Bathroom Fun!

  I love that my husband is handy...as in, really handy.  (He makes furniture and cabinetry for a living, so I hope he's handy!) But sometimes it's incredibly thrifty to have a handy husband--like when you realize that the tiles are ready to squish into the wall...

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Let Me Tell You How Great I Am

  That's what it feels like when you're in business for yourself. I offer my services to you.  I offer me to you.  That's what it feels like.  I know logically it's not me you're turning down.  It's not Jennille you don't have use for.  You are just not in need...

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Almost Skipping

I read a lot (not as much as I'd like, but probably more than most).  Readers are leaders.  Leaders are readers.  That's what they say, right? Currently, one of the books I'm reading is this one: Be Awakened--A New You in 40 Days by Adam Davis.  It's a simple format...

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Colors of Neutral

Part of my Jen's Walls Talk business is to do color consults for clients.  It might be someone who just closed on a new home, and they don't feel like they have a clue as to where to begin with colors.  It's my job to help them find their inspiration and to run with...

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Bird Food & Other Struggles

As I was driving down the road last Sunday morning, a bird was flying in front of us.  It wasn't a big bird.  It was probably a swallow.  It had something in it's clutched feet...some sort of food source like a field mouse, or the like.  It's food was almost as big as...

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I can only take it so long.  I like sports.  I like watching my kids play sports.  I even enjoy participating, but I can only take so much football...and then I have to walk away. Today was Super Bowl 51.  I watched for a while, but then I had to get up and do...

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Growing Pains

I never experienced growing pains as a child, but both of my kiddos have.  Aching soreness that seems to leave as quickly as it starts.  Life is like that sometimes.  We're going through something, and then all of a sudden we're looking back at it...thankful it's...

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