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My kids strongly dislike going to Walmart with me.  They know it is never a quick trip…because I always see someone I know.  It’s true. I’ve worn a lot of hats, so I know a little bit of everybody.  One of my favorite things is that I get to call a lot of those people friend.

Hubby and I went to an open house this past weekend for a builder that he and his business partner had done work for.  I hadn’t met them prior to the open house (at least not in person), but it was so fun to get to put a face with the names and stories.  They were fantastic people! The subject of clients becoming friends came up as we chatted and viewed the beautiful home.  Their clients often become friends.  As do mine.

What is it about working with someone on and in their personal space that fosters friendship?  Maybe it’s working in that particular space–your home–that encourages intimacy beyond just a professionally detached level.  Maybe it’s because I’m helping you to really personalize your space and make it reflect you that kindles the sparks of friendship.  Perhaps because you share with me the vision of what you want to happen in your home, and not just the surface color and decor scheme, a friendly bond forms. Maybe it’s all those things.  And I truly enjoy it.

It’s a privilege to be in my clients’ homes.  I don’t take that lightly.  It’s time to talk about your next home or business color project.  Contact me here.

Make it a beautiful day, friends.

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