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I Crossfit.  I have for several years now.  While I’m sure that statement makes you think I’m some sort of muscle bound crazy lady, that’s not exactly what I’d call myself.  Really and truly at it’s core, I believe Crossfit to be a functional fitness kind of program.  While I don’t usually benchpress my kids (though it’s tempting at times), and I don’t go to local Crossfit competitions, I do have to hold my arms up for hours at a time when I’m painting…and since I don’t want to be sore after every painting job I do, I take preventative measures by doing my workouts.  That being said, when one of my trainers responded to a question I had a few weeks ago by beginning with,

“At your level…” I’ll admit it kind of threw me for a loop.

What’s the big deal about my trainer categorizing me?  I know I don’t do the competitions.  I know I don’t lift the heaviest weights or have the fastest times.  I know that.  I’m not in denial about that and have made peace with that in my mind a long time ago.  I’ve still made great strides in what I can do, and can do things now that I’ve never been able to do.  So what’s the big deal?  Maybe even though I know I’m not “the best”, I still wish I was.  Maybe I just want to do everything with excellence.  Maybe I want to be fantastic at everything I do.  Maybe it hurt my feelers to have someone tell me the truth the I’m not the most excellent…even though it’s the truth.  And that’s okay.  Know why?  Because that’s not what I’m trying to excel in.

I could pursue further education and training on Crossfit, but that’s not what I really want to do.  I could look up YouTube videos before each class so I could learn to improve my technique and further advance my level, but I don’t feel like I need to.  Do I want to have good form, so I can be healthy and avoid injury?  Absolutely.  Do I need to push myself “beyond” so I can be the best, just to be the best?  Nope.

By my trainer saying that to me, I realized that is not the area I want to focus my growth energy.  I want to spend my energy growing the areas that are specifically me.  Did you catch my video on Facebook last week? My goal is to do only the things that only I can do. At Jen’s Walls Talk, that’s painting and writing.  Those are the areas I want to grow and excel and do excellently in.

Are you ready for me to kick off your next painting job with a color consult?  Or maybe you’d like to go a little deeper and have me create a custom painting finish for your space.  Now is the time.  That’s what I do.  Jen’s Walls Talk.  Do yours?

Make it a beautiful day, friends.

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