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Part of my Jen’s Walls Talk business is to do color consults for clients.  It might be someone who just closed on a new home, and they don’t feel like they have a clue as to where to begin with colors.  It’s my job to help them find their inspiration and to run with it. It’s a lot of fun, really…and since I would absolutely drive my husband (and myself!) crazy if I painted our house every time I created a new color palette I like, it’s a great way for me to play.

The other client group I get to help is those who are getting ready to list their property for sale.  When we live in a house for any length of time, we make it our own.    We hang our pictures.  We put up our curtains.  We paint our colors.  Fortunately for sellers, a fresh coat of paint is the easiest way to remove ourselves from the picture.  Many realtors will tell clients to create a neutral color palette so as to be appealing to the wide variety of tastes that will come through their home.  Bu what if not everyone knows what “neutral” means, so they just paint the whole house white or tan.  In doing that, sometimes some cool architectural elements will be lost, or at least, not highlighted…which isn’t helpful.  To illustrate my point, check out the picture to the right.  That is the “neutrals” section of the Sherwin-Williams color deck (one of the paints I like).  That’s a lot of neutrals, and they don’t all necessarily go together well.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Make it a beautiful day, friends.

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