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As I was driving down the road last Sunday morning, a bird was flying in front of us.  It wasn’t a big bird.  It was probably a swallow.  It had something in it’s clutched feet…some sort of food source like a field mouse, or the like.  It’s food was almost as big as the bird.  As we neared the bird, it came to the realization that we were going to hit it, so it dropped it’s food and flew to the side of our minivan.  I didn’t look back to see, but I’m sure it circled back to pick up the dropped food.

Life can be crazy sometimes.  We have so much on our proverbial plate that it can be overwhelming.  It causes stress. It causes us to be stretched too thin.  But what if we took a lesson from the little bird and dropped that extra thing for a while?  We feel the big wind at our back.  Something is coming.  We don’t always know what is about to hit us.  Most often we have no idea that something is near. Or maybe it’s been building for a while.  As new challenges and seasons come in our lives, I think we sometimes forget to let go of something else.  We just keep adding and piling more on…until we break.

It doesn’t have to be forever that we set aside the dropped activity.  It may just be for a season until things shift again.  What do you need to drop?

Make it a beautiful day, friends.

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