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I love that my husband is handy…as in, really handy.  (He makes furniture and cabinetry for a living, so I hope he’s handy!) But sometimes it’s incredibly thrifty to have a handy husband–like when you realize that the tiles are ready to squish into the wall instead of being a firm barrier between your shower water and the wood underneath.  You go buy materials and then you have a better than new bathroom.  Okay, it doesn’t just happen in an hour, but it’s a whole lot cheaper than having to hire someone.  What do I love more than saving thousands of dollars in labor on a new bathroom?  My 14-year-old son getting to help and learn right alongside his dad. Precious.  Really precious.

What does he learn when he gets to work with his dad?  He gets to learn that there is value in working with your hands.  He gets to learn to use tools and be capable.  He gets to learn what it looks like to provide and care for your family.  He gets time to just hang with Dad.

Last week when we attended his parent teacher conferences, one of his teachers reminded us that is the best way to really connect with our kids: do activities with them.  Whether it’s cooking, or painting, or remodeling a bathroom, or scooping the “horse apples” as it was at my house, those are the times we bond and connect with our kids.  I have to admit that it seems to be a struggle for my kids when I just sit them down and try to patiently wait for them to open up.  They feel pressure and so do I.

My encouragement for you today is to just do something with your kiddos.  If you need help finding something to do, I’d happily volunteer my flower beds as venue for your family time…

Make it a beautiful day, friends.

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