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Last weekend we went camping with some friends of ours to celebrate one of their birthday’s .  A great, although soggy, time was had by all.  On the way home, we encountered a bad wrack that was blocking the way we generally get home.  Delays occurred, so we decided on an alternate route even though we’d already been driving for a couple hours at the end of a multi-day camping trip.  We were ready to be home…but there was nothing we could do other than wait or go a different way.

So a different way we went.

Our unusual rain followed us (it’s late July in Colorado!  Can we say monsoon season??), but we kept on knowing we could safely make it home by going the different route.  Eventually, we ended up even further into the mountains in an even smaller town called Westcliffe.  It is a beautiful place with sprawling mountains, cows in the road, tiny, mountain town charm…and more rain. I snapped this picture of as we headed out of town.  I love clouds, I’ll admit.  The way they hang so effortlessly in the air with wispy tendrils whirling and changing constantly–they are mysterious and beautiful.

Sometimes you think you want to paint a solid, single color throughout your home…but once it’s done, you realize you want a different outcome, an alternate ending.  Go here to see some of the endings I can create for you, or let’s come up with a new one especially for you.

Make it a beautiful day, friends.

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