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Jennille Spellman

Owner, Jen’s Walls Talk, LLC

This is My Story

This is me, Jennille.  I’ve always loved color and design elements.  Along the way to here, I’ve been a lot of things.  I’m a mom to 2 amazingly super kids, and wife to one incredibly talented husband.    I was blessed to work for a professional artist where I learned to create fabulous faux finishes like venetian plaster and how to just play until it looks right.  I’m proud to say I earned my black belt in karate in 2015.  I’ve also been an optician since 1997.  So  you could say I’m a karate kickin’, crossfittin’, blog writin’, eyeglass pickin’, creative kind of person.

While one wouldn’t think picking eyeglasses is exactly the same as picking paint colors on your walls, the skills are actually very similar.  My goal is to empower you to make the right choices for you...not what I would necessarily do.  Your space is where your story happens.  I’m here to make your walls talk.

Jen’s Walls Talk. Do yours?

  • Your Story 80%
  • +My Guidance 60%
  • +Paint and Color 50%
  • = Happy Talking Walls 100%

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