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Remembering the Choice

Today is Memorial Day.  It's a day we stop for a few minutes and remember those that have fallen in service to our country. We thank them and honor them.  Why is it such a big deal?  Because they chose to serve.  They chose to serve knowing full well that it could...

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Your Journey is Your Journey

I look at my kids and see so much potential.  I see so many things they are capable of doing.  I blogged a while back about the list of things my almost-to-middle-school daughter wanted to do when she grew up including be a dentist, teacher, beautician, and the first...

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Why I Love (and Hate) Mother’s Day

I hesitate to write this post for fear of sounding ungrateful for my family.  That's not it at all.  I know my kiddos love me.  I love them more than I could have ever imagine.  I'm fairly certain they appreciate me--even when I embarrass them.  I mean, come on, they...

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I Crossfit.  I have for several years now.  While I'm sure that statement makes you think I'm some sort of muscle bound crazy lady, that's not exactly what I'd call myself.  Really and truly at it's core, I believe Crossfit to be a functional fitness kind of program....

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Coloring the Bathroom

If you've seen any of my recent videos on my Facebook page or Instagram, then you know we're remodeling our bathroom.  I'm thankful the main part of the work is done.  New tub and tile, and, of course, new paint on the walls.  It's almost finished, so now we're adding...

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I’m Not Shy

"She's shy." That's what people told me when I was young.  A lot.  Often I heard that phrase when being introduced to someone new, or if people would talk to me, or if I was in a new situation.  She's shy.  If you hear something often enough, you'll believe it to be...

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  I have scars.  They are from various things.  I have a scar on my leg from doing the rope climb at the gym several months ago.  I have extra spider veins on my legs from sparring and colliding with what would seem to be a tree, but was, in reality, a really...

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Sample Boards & Sketches

Do you ever watch Chip & Jojo?  They are favorites at our house. (That's "Fixer Upper" on HGTV for those of you that don't know them yet.) I like to think we channel our inner Chip & Joanna Gaines when we work on projects together, my hubby and me.  If you are...

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Paint Done Well

Who do I work for?  Simply put, you.  I get to come into your space, whether home or office, and help create a customized environment.  That's a privilege I enjoy as one who does color consulting and specialty painting. What type of homes do I create specialty paint...

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Bathroom Fun!

  I love that my husband is handy...as in, really handy.  (He makes furniture and cabinetry for a living, so I hope he's handy!) But sometimes it's incredibly thrifty to have a handy husband--like when you realize that the tiles are ready to squish into the wall...

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